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About Navi Tours

Why We Love New Zealand

Introducing you to New Zealand's Nature

With New Zealand's strong sense of environmental awareness, it is a leading country in Eco Tourism.  Strict rules apply to these tours and our firm provides these tours with the permission of the Department of Conservation in New Zealand.

A percentage of money from the tours will also be donated, so as well as taking part in a tour, our customers would have also helped with the protection of New Zealand's natural environment!

What is an Eco Tour?

  • Tours with a licensed, specialized guide.
  • Enjoy the charm of nature.
  • Learn the importance of conserving our environment.
  • Does not disturb the natural environment.
  • Limited number of tour customers.
  • A percentage of the profit donated to the Department of Conservation (management of the ecosystems and natural reserves.)


About Navi Outdoor Tours New Zealand

Thank you for visiting the official website of Navi. Founded in 1990, we are an Auckland based company motivated in providing our customers with tours around New Zealand's beautiful nature. 

As a company, we focus mainly on outdoor tours, and operate as tour guides with the permission of the New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be delighted to contact you back within the day.

Company Profile

Company Name: Navi Outdoor Tours New Zealand
Founded: 13 October 1998
Company President: Dai Ikeda
Staff Count: 10
Address: 13A James Laurie street, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone Number: +64-9-838-2361
Mobile number: +64-21-462-388
E-mail: info@navi.co.nz

Company Description

Organization, selling, guiding and planning of tours. Drivers for cars with customers. Organization of accommodation (inc. farm stays and home stays) Organization of events and entertainment


Meet the NAVI Team

"Suzu" - Suzu 

I enjoy working with different customers everyday from all over the world. My motivation is to share the beauty this country has to offer with others.

Expertise: Tour consultant

"Mami" - Mami Teramae 

Every day, I wake up to the harmony of New Zealand entering my14th year of living in this beautiful country. I have stayed in New Zealand to enjoy the majestic nature and everyday is amazing! Delicious vegetables, delicious wine, and fun walks! Why would you not go out with us to the mossy forests, fields, mountains and to the sea?

Expertise: General tour arrangements, coordinator

"Take"-Takeshi Miyoshi

I've been dealing with different nationalities and personalized Tours/Charters, Package Tours. I love meeting and talking with customers from various backgrounds around the world. I look forward to introducing everyone to the unique nature and society of New Zealand, which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Expertise: Driver

"Nanao" - Nanao Hosoda

Every day, I feel that there are still many hidden charms in this country. From beautiful seas and forests to expansive rolling hills, delicious food blessed by nature, and kind people. I hope you can truly experience these attractions and have a comfortable journey. I am here in the office to assist you with your travel needs.

Expertise: Tour operator