Why Choose Navi Tours?

The Best Prices & the Best Service Anywhere

Here are 7 fantastic reasons...

#1 - You won't find better prices anywhere.

Great holidays can be expensive, and our team wants to make sure that you get to enjoy as much of New Zealand as possible with us.

To make your travel easier, we work hard to provide the best pricing available anywhere - especially for our exceptional range of Hobbiton Tours.

These include the Hobbiton movie set, Hobbiton evening dinner tours, and special tours where we take you to Waitomo glow worm caves and Rotorua.

We also offer special discounts for groups, and for children.

Can you find a better price? Please let us know!

#2 - We pick you up at your hotel !

You don't need to taxi anywhere! We'll come get you at your accommodation anywhere in Auckland, and return you there after your tour.

How's that for service?

#3 - We make your trip comfortable.

New Zealand has 30 million sheep...
... but you are not one of them!

We run our tours in a smaller, more comfortable shuttle van which allows you to talk to your tour guide, and your fellow tourists.

It also allows us to access places that the large tour buses cannot go.

With large tour groups, it's too easy to feel like you are sheep being herded about. We want a better, more enjoyable travel experience for you.

#4 - We do our best to accommodate your unique needs.

We offer total coordination of every aspect of your trip.

Also, we love working with different people and cultures, and whenever possible, we make certain that meal options are available that fit your requirements- including Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan options.

#5 - Flexible tour arrangements.

Want to change the itinerary, or stay in one of our visited cities overnite? We'll do our best to accommodate you.

We even offer a Design Your Own Tour service, where we'll create exactly the tour you want, to your specifications.  

#6 - Flexible payment, trip amendments & cancellation options.

Life is uncertain, we get it. We make your visit as flexible as possible, and will help you amend your trip booking at any time.

We also work to offer the best options for partial payment so that you aren't hit all at once with a trip booking fee. This is especially useful on our longer multi-day tours.

#7 - We'll help you sort any problems during your stay.

Have an emergency during your visit? Our staff is available 24 hours to help.